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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 19, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> hello and welcome to "france 24." i'm aurore dupuis. we are broadcasting live from paris. the german parliament overwhelmingly approved the greek bailout. , 104 votes for against. time police offer a reward of more than 25,000 euros for any information about the bangkok bomber. authorities are still hunting down this man who they believe is the suspect. the number of migrants looking for the european eldorado keeps increasing. last month alone, one in 107,000 people reached the eu border.
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aurore: the bundestag has given its green light for a third i allowed for greece. german mp's have approved the 86 billion euro rescue package. our correspondent has followed the debate at the german parliament, and he tells us the bailout approval was largely expected. -- 77%, that is what we expected after the debate, where the general consensus was this bailout was far from being perfect, but it was also seen in the bundestag that greece had made a real change of stance, having
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accepted its responsibility, having seen the need for the reform. -- whatin the bundestag was most significant was that the political goal of a stronger europe emerged as more important and took precedence over everything else. aurore: now 113 mps have voted against this, though. what does this mean for the german chancellor, angela merkel? n: 113 against was more or less the same number as in july, but there are fewer votes in total cast. it is expected tha but not that many were members of angela merkel's own party, and that could be seen as a protest against threats that were made from party leaders.
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especially the chief whip. it is significant because it shows that ms. merkel was not able to convince rebels to come back into the line to agree to the deal. we will have to see how it will affect her authority, but it could be seen as a dent for her. say the man police suspected of bombing bangkok is part of a wider network. authorities say the suspect could not have acted alone. the man was seen on cctv camera. he left a backpack at a shrine in central bangkok before a bomb exploded. police are still looking for him. more than 20 people were killed in monday's last, including several foreigners. hair, glasses, a light complexion, and some stubble. with this detailed sketch, thai police hope the public can
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assist in the manhunt. one millionfering a baht reward to anyone who has information regarding the investigation that could lead to the arrest of the culprit. >> one million bought, around 25,000 euros for information regarding this man, who was seen dumping a backpack near the shrine before the explosion. he has been hard to identify, and investigators believe there could be one more -- there could be more than one suspect. >> there are many possibilities, but we believe it is unlikely that this attack was carried out by one person. it is likely many people were involved. >> police and relatives have begun to identify the bodies in this bangkok morgan. >> -- in this bangkok morgue. bodies thatnfirm were inside the department now.
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>> the three kilo pipe bomb exploded monday evening during rush hour. the victims come from at least six different countries. erawan shrine is a popular attraction for tourists. the shrine reopened to the public. mourners and well-wishers gathered to express their condolences for the victims. grants --7,500 by 500 migrants have reached the eu border. authorities are struggling to cope with the influx on kos . >> every day hundreds of refugees put their lives at risk to make it to this beach. , only fiveof kos kilometers away from turkey. some of them fled syria and the
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violence. >> it has been a difficult and dangerous journey, but we had no choice. .> we have come from syria it has been 10 days since we fled the country. we are tired. very, very tired. rafid is only 13. he came here with big dreams for his future. >> i am going to try to go to germany. i can do training there to look for work. step fors a major these migrants. they finally set foot on european soil. it will be extremely difficult to get the necessary documents to travel first to the rest of greece and then europe. aurore: at least 11 people have reportedly been killed as a suicide bomber blew up a truck in northeastern syria. is islamic state group
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suspected of being behind the attack. it took place outside a police station in the kurdish town. the extremist group is also suspected of having beheaded and 81-year-old archaeologist. khaled al asaad was taken hostage in may when the world heritage site of palmyra was seized. spent 40 years working in the ancient city. according to the syrian state media, he was killed in a square outside a museum. there is political uncertainty in turkey. prime minister davutoglu has failed to form a coalition government as talks with main opposition have collapsed. the president will have to and snapthe cabinet, elections could take place in autumn. nowhere,lks have led
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and now they have given up on trying to form a government. something the pro-kurd and hp, the country's third-biggest party, has denounced as a political maneuver. peoplelieve the turkish will show their will at the ballot box against this presidential coup. suspect tiredey turkey -- many in suspect president erdogan for launching a war to discredit the hp. new polls are now set to be called to take place probably in november. the absolute majority is lost for the first time this year. for more on this, let's
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talk to our guest, joining us live from turkey. he is a former turkish diplomat. thank you for being with us on "france 24." critics occurred president erdogan of trying to miss sunday's deadline to form a coalition government. the party says it was a "presidential coup." what political game is president erdogan playing? >> clearly president erdogan was not happy about the elections, powerproduced immediately conflagration. there is a need for a grand coalition. limit the powers of the president to constitutional boundaries, and also get the kurds represented in the parliament. other -- and what you -- andhe policy and
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president erdogan could not grasp the importance of having such a coalition, which will limit his power and which will shift the power back to the parliamentary system. downd his best to slow first and then stop any efforts to form a coalition government, , the was feasible with chb social democratic party of turkey. together they could have found a grand coalition, which turkey needed at this critical point in history. make himgoing to accountable for his acts, because he is now declaring that he is not the constitutional he isent, and de facto the head of the presidential system, he claims. the opposition believes this is
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a syrian cause, but since he is constitution, this is going to have a very serious impact on how turkey will take legislative action because after , turkeytion results resolves to solve the kurdish problem by military opposition and discrediting the kurdish party, and also making the coalition efforts just a game, a "game of thrones," you might call it. there willhink that be an election which will be secure, which will be free. because the pkk has started to every day sos, and many chronicles -- so many criminals in our city. , planesurkish fighters
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start bombing, isis targets alongside the u.s., we will expect and isis terror campaign against turkey. how could you have an election in such an insecure environment? aurore: so you are saying this political crisis could paralyze policymaking regarding the terrorist threat that turkey could be facing. meanwhile, the development party policy for 10 years now. do you feel that he has lost trust, and moreover, do people in his own camp still trust him? >> erdogan is legendary in turkey. he controlled the power and did so many good things as well, but whennk from 2011 onward, this corruption scandal emerged, and his power base started to erode, people started losing
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confidence in him. not lets trying to power go as much as he can. even within his party, there are people thinking he might be a liability. it is a party that represents the core of the turkish political heartland -- the conservatives, democratic, liberal. this crisisat if continues, turkey will lose a great deal of blood as well as political and economic capital. therefore, now there are efforts to see whether it could be reorganized. prime minister davutoglu called for it. we do not expect any change, but i think the electorate is anding a bit worn out
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getting somehow tired. aurore: thank you very much for that. we get your point. thank you very much for talking to us on "france 24." here in paris, french politicians are coming back to work after a short summer recess. the french government is facing many challenges ahead. namely, those the economy, tackle unemployment, and deal with climate change. alexander explains. alexander: top of president hollande's agenda is to replace -- his successor has his work cut out for him. france has seen its unemployment rate reached record highs in recent months, and it is the subject of vital importance for hollande. he plans to reduce unemployment before the end of his term and has made it a condition of his candidacy in 2017. another urgent item is the pig farmer crisis.
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big pork -- angry pig farmers are demanding that the government do more. more key dates follow the end of the year. in december, the climate change conference in paris is being billed as a last chance to put the brakes on global warming. to the play host presidents of 95 countries. he much hopes the meeting produces a significant agreement. passrench people will their verdict in regional elections. polls suggest a national front in place to make further gains if aland disappoint -- if francois hollande disappoints. aurore: for those of you who have just joined us on "france stories.e are our top the german parliament overwhelmingly approves the greek ale out. the -- the greek bailout. the news has removed a key
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hurdle to provide 86 billion euros to the debt ridden country. thai police are offering a reward of 25,000 euro for any information on the bangkok bomber. they believe this man is the suspect. the number of migrants looking for the european eldorado keep increasing. last month alone, more than 107,000 people reached the eu's borders. it is time now for a look at the day's business news with our very own kate moody. we are seeing the german parliament move ahead with greece's bailout deal, giving overwhelming approval to the 86 billion euro rescue package. kate: that's right, and we are already seeing the greek government living up to its side of the part that of the bargain. they have been putting into action this 50 billion euro
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privatization fund that was a key part of that agreement. one group which runs frank for airport won the bids for the airports in a number of popular tourist destinations -- which runs frankfurt airport won the bids for the airports in a number of popular tourist destinations. international creditors including berlin had insisted that athens put some of this reforms, including the privatization program, into action before releasing bailout funds. a payment to the central bank is due thursday. global markets are having a turbulent session this wednesday. the major european indices are trading lower as investors wait for details of the federal reserve's latest reading. -- latest meeting. europe is following a largely
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negative trend with asia. the nikkei would drive down japan's trade deficit to a five-month high. there was a late day rally to close up with an 1% after plunging 5% earlier in the session. the chinesear that government is to back its intervention in the economy. -- is scaling back its intervention in the economy. the you one was allowed to float closer to global currency markets. turning to some of the day's business headlines -- carlsberg lowered its four-year earnings forecast as profits dipped below 28%. was had by slow sales in russia and ukraine. u.s. retail chain target has agreed to reimburse $67 million from profits incurred in a massive data breach in 2013. it is working on a similar deal with mastercard.
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had 40 million customers personal information and credit and debit card details compromised and explode -- and exposed to activity. more information from an infidelity website was released online. ashley madison was targeted. e-mail addresses and credit card details are being published. hackers said they wanted the site to be taken down on grounds of depravity. it is a summer statement -- a summer staple in fashion wardrobes, but the expert drill is also a key driver of the economy. espadrilles is a key driver of the economy. they have been awarded geographical limitation status. >> the qualities which make the espadrilles and is -- an
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indispensable accessory for the summer. it is continuing to resist the fourth of globalization by returning to its roots. region, shoemakers are trying to make the best -- the espadrilles old-fashioned way. >> they have always been made in the basque region. this is where they originate. it was once the espadrilles capital of the world. factories shut down production related to china, bangladesh, and india, but recently they have made a comeback with a fors on the high-end market people who appreciate the french origin of the shoe. it is now a protective status so that consumers know what they buy. >> it is difficult to know how the shoes were made. >> the producers face an uphill
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battle, up to 6 million sold in france every year. less than 20% of them are made here. kate: a fashion icon there. aurore: thank you very much, kate moody. that wraps up the business news. it is time now for the press review. it is time to take a look at what is grabbing the headlines around the world. florence villeminot is with me. there's still a lot a focus on monday's deadly bombing in central bangkok. flo: quite a sad drawing, where you can see a traditional thai figure morning at the shrine. you can see the figure on the left. the morning at the era when shrine. -- at the erawan shrine. if you look at "the bangkok post," nothing in recent history compares to monday's massacre. you can see the headline here, " this atrocity must be solved or
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cut what is interesting is that the editorial lashes out against rumormongering that happens online. there are rumors flying around about who carried out the bombing. this kind of rumormongering, they say, is wrong. the countries should unite in an attempt to solve this heinous crime without designating a scapegoat. aurore: let's move on to the , the explosions that took place in tianjin. the central government has promised a thorough investigation. saysfficial chinese media that one key question that investigators will have to answer is how in the world the warehouse operator past this this safety risk assessment, and how did the warehouse pass an annual inspection for storage of large amounts of dangerous chemicals? aurore: and it started raining in the region, so that sparked a lot of anger and also a lot of
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worry because of the possible toxic mixes and gases that could come out of this. flo: that's right. the thundershowers in tianjin left the area covered in mysterious white foam. this is an article in "china daily." it talked about how the white foam on rainwater is normal, and the article goes on to reassure that era quality -- that air quality is still in the safe range. it is very different if you look at blogs online. one blog has, over the photos of the white foam, you can see it there. also reporters in tengion say they have felt a burning sensation -- in tianjin say they have felt a burning sensation on the face and their lips and a stinging on their arms. aurore: let's move onto a big story in france. there is a lot of focus on today's cabinet meeting, and the
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government is getting back to work after their summer recess. there are already a lot of hot button issues on the table. let's look at the front page -- it is quite excited about some changes that are going to be taking place. you can see here, paris is going to be open at night. they are focusing on a controversial package of economic reforms that we have been talking about for months now. the law is now part of the -- part of this law will change france's centuries old trading laws in certain designated international tourist destinations. there will be one in paris, but .lso in nice and cannes they will also be open until midnight in the evening. it is quite a mini revolution. aurore: most tourists are probably thinking, thank god this is happening now. all of this will help boost unemployment.
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-- employment. flo: you take a cartoon and you can see them making fun of this. you, saying, "how about are you going to be working until midnight, and the guy behind the desk is saying, do we look like an international tourist zone to you?" take a look at the business paper, and they focus on the fact that paris really wants to stay at the top tourist designation that's -- destination in the world. we put an endime to this absurd situation." as you can imagine, not everyone is happy about this. communist at the paper here, they are very much against this law. they say these international tour zones are a trojan horse, a trap for the government to extend trade to all sorts of
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areas of the economy. aurore: finally, you have an exciting story for women. premenopausal women, i believe, because it is the first time that a viagra drug for women has been given the green light. flo: you can read all about it in u.s. media. it is being name -- called the female viagra. but "the new york times" goes into more detail. it is not exactly like viagra. this increases desire. it is the first approved drug to treat libido for either sex. it works and a compensated way, balancing chemicals in the brain, and it is quite controversial. let's look at the article in "the washington post" that focuses on those in favor of the drug. you can see they have been working on this drug since 1952. it has been quite a long road, but critics say that this drug is not actually that effective, and it has huge side effects. what is interesting, men are
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also interested in perhaps taking this drug.
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